Drawing on the tube…

…can be a pain in the arse for lots of reasons and yesterday I experienced pretty much all of them:

I wanted to draw this woman with a crew cut because I thought it’d be good practice, making her look feminine without the help of a traditionally female hairstyle:09-11 a 2Only problem: halfway through a huge group of tourists got on and stood directly between us.

09-11 b 1

Also, as with the drawing above, you sometimes pick someone to draw and then they decide they’re going to watch you very, very carefully which can be quite off putting. Plus he was massive and I didn’t want to offend him.

And of course the biggest kick in the teeth. Just when I’ve found a really interesting old man to draw, deliberately sat myself opposite too get a good view and waited for him to settle down to his paper…

09-11 c COLOUR

An old woman gets on with, not one, but TWO walking sticks. And the seat I’ve chosen for my superior view point is the bloody priority seat. So not only did i miss out on drawing him properly but I had to stand all the way home. Rubbish.

I’m going to try and post more regular updates now, 2 or 3 a week hopefully. So, if anyone made it this far, thank you. I hope you enjoyed and they’ll be more on it’s way soon.


(Here’s a drawing of a man that I have no excuse for so couldn’t tie into my rant and will now just tag on to the end of the post:

09-11 a 1

Hey, at least he looks unhappy. That’s sort of a link right?)

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28 thoughts on “Drawing on the tube…

  1. Shawn says:

    very interesting…its been weeks since I have been thinking about what would is a good topic the blog about. And indeed the tube is infect one on of the many places where you see both interesting things and people to talk about(blog). Nice photos they really made me think for a bit.

    Shawn T

  2. Andrea says:

    I like your talent and your style. Keep up the good work. I will check you out periodically.

  3. Jayna Harrison says:

    Hey Tom,

    Inspirational. I think today I’ll take a sketch pad and pencil to the local coffee shop and have a go at it.

  4. really fantastic! not just the drawing, but the implementing of a story too. Thanks!

  5. danakennedy says:

    I have a similar problem trying to photograph interesting people, but at least I don’t need an extended viewing period. However, keeping an unobstructed line of sight can be a real challenge sometimes!

    Keep at it! Your talent is quite evident, and I admire your ability to capture an image with so few lines.


  6. I like the sparse use of color and attention to detail. Nice work.

  7. sunshinelollipop says:

    Nice drawings. Seems like you can work quickly! also nice narrative to go along with the drawings which makes it like a little story and much more interesting. Good to see something different.

  8. eleanorpercival says:

    god you’re sexy

  9. sinema izle says:

    very nice drawings.
    are very talented.

  10. My first thought was, “You can draw on a train?” I’ve never been in the tube so I’m amazed that it is so obviously smooth. Sketch pad, don’t leave home without it.

  11. sal1981 says:

    loving the drawings, will definitely check back

  12. jon says:

    I love these sketches. I started drawing someone who was reading a newspaper once, so it proved to be a nice barrier, though only part of their face was showing. I love the expression on the fourth one. I’ve been doing some portrait sketches recently, let me know what you think if you have time to kill!

  13. aryad says:


  14. azizmoummou says:

    I love your idea,keep going.
    I’m an English teacher and I’d love my students to take a look on your blog.mine is :hellochichaoua.wordpress.com
    All the best,

  15. wilomis says:

    Tom, awesome stuff. Glad to see more illustration here on wordpress. I’m gonna link you on my page because I like your style and want to help share your page with others!

  16. tberrys says:

    Great talent you have! Very impressing! I will share you page with others.

  17. Tom, your drawings are so evocative. I can’t find your rss feed but I will check in periodically. I also have mostly a visual blog.

  18. dee says:

    wow i’m so inspired! love your style. keep up the great work!

  19. Gerry says:

    Was surfing and found your drawings. I liked them a lot. I was looking at my daughter’s cross stich blog and then went to wordpress. Very nice Tom. Daughter’s blog is raised by poodles.

  20. larissa says:

    Even after all that you still managed to produce some lovely sketchs and a humourous little tail.

    I guess thats the thrill of sketchcrawling as you never know whats going to happen. C:

  21. Naoki says:

    I like your illustration touch.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Your wonderful blog article reminded me when i once drew passing people in the airport. With only a handful of colors and black ink pen, that series of quickly drawn little characters is one of my favourites. Must remember to do that more often!

  23. aspiringevens says:

    thankfully your blog was featured on wp.com
    if not i’ll never see your drawings [ which are awefully great]
    keep up with the good work!

  24. Jamie says:

    When was the unhappy man at the end drawn? It looks a lot like someone I know.

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