How can I milk this…?

That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been able to think about in the last 24 hours.

WordPress very kindly featured me on their “Freshly Pressed” section of the homepage yesterday which meant a staggering number of people visited the blog. Thank you to everyone who came by and to WordPress, I’m incredibly grateful to everyone, however…

It did mean that I instantly became a neurotic mess. I spent hours convinced that this would be the only time anyone would visit my blog and I had to make them return. I had to do something, anything to sell myself to them, to convince them I was worth the effort of returning, to keep getting those hits! Eventually I calmed down, decided not to create new posts begging for attention and fawning over you all and did something completely unexpected.

I drew on the tube.

Unfortunately the grim grey drizzle being driven across London right now seemed to have some notable affects on my fellow commuters:

1) The layers

10-11 a Colour

Pretty much everyone was wrapped up so tight that they were just faces surrounded by a sea of wool which doesn’t make them very easy or interesting to draw and,

2) They were all bloody asleep!

10-11 b

I’m sure you would have noticed this for yourself from the drawings but it needs pointing out because whilst a sleeping subject is much less likely to move around or stare at you accusingly they’re also about ten times less likely to do or say anything funny or interesting.

10-11 c

So if I’m trying to be logical, I can use the opposites of all my moans to figure out the ideal subject for drawing on the tube. My conclusion is that it would be a restless yet unconscious, sleep-talking fidget with as few clothes as possible… which doesn’t really paint me in a very good light, but I’m sure it would rack up the hits.


(Here is a bonus drawing of a man playing an accordion:

accordianthanks again for stopping by.)

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5 thoughts on “How can I milk this…?

  1. wilomis says:

    Not a one timer. I plan to frequent often. Keep up the good work.

  2. jon says:

    not a one timer either! lets keep in touch. I just finished some structural/perspective ink sketches I’ll upload later tonight. I like how you manage to convey so much expression with simple contour, which has a freshness for me since I’m used to building layers.

  3. dee says:

    i’m with the commentors above- i’ve already bookmarked your page! 🙂 i also linked you from my blog after the discovery on wordpress’ homepage. keep up the awesome-ness!!!

    • tombuddle says:

      Hey, thanks very much! I’m incredibly flattered, especially to have some of my sketches mentioned next to Garance Dore’s! (your blog looks great by the way)
      thanks again,

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