Looking over my shoulder.

Over the last couple of days I’ve started thinking about other people’s reactions to my drawings.

There’s the obvious things like people lifting their paper up to cover their face a bit more or just plain staring me out so that I feel way to guilty/scared to carry on drawing them. However, I’m often travelling in rush hour so almost always have someone sat next to me which I tend to forget about…

11-11 a


Even as I drew this girl unknowingly sharing her newspaper with her neighbour I realised the man next to me was sneaking glances at my sketchbook. This isn’t unusual and reactions have ranged from complete indifference,to confusion, to the occasional nudge or nod with a “those are nice” or something similar. This man however looked utterly terrified by it all, staring at the sketchbook like it was made of human skin or something. 


11-11 c


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that everyone’s looking over everyone’s shoulder on the tube and it’s easy to forget that I’m no exception. I just have to hope they don’t give the game away before I get a chance to finish…


11-11 b colour



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