Sheer bloody mindedness…

It’s odd, looking back through my sketchbooks and trying to remember why I chose to draw the people did. Sometimes it’s obvious, they were doing something unusual or funny, they’re interesting looking or they were they only person there. But sometimes I’ve found myself drawing someone out of sheer bloody mindedness:

14-11 a

This woman gave me such a filthy look the moment I sat down opposite her that I drew her (in not the most flattering way) because I thought I deserved it.

Here are some more people from the last few days that were drawn with a slightly more forgiving hand:

14-11 b best

I loved the way this womans ludicrously bright accessories stood out against her plain flat coat.

14-11 c

(She looked just looked quite angry at her paper…)

14-11 eThe page below is a bit off the point here because they weren’t drawn on the tube, the top was on the street and the bottom is audience members at the palace theater as seen from the balcony.

14-11 d

Lastly a drawing from this morning. This man was so fast asleep in the corner of the carriage at about 9:30 this morning that I’m fairly sure he missed his stop and may well still be there… shuttling back and forth, from end to end of the district line waiting for some ponce to sketch him and put it on the internet… thanks for coming by.

16-11 a


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