Nothing at all…

I haven’t been filling the pages of my sketchbook with as much regularity over the last few days. This is partly because I’ve been trapped on very full trains a few times and not been sat down etc. and partly because I found a copy of the new “Empire” with Shaun Riley on the front cover and felt compelled to buy and read it cover to cover. Anyway, I looked at my drawings from last night and today and noted what they had in common. Nothing at all really, so as I cant think of anything else to say…

(I have to point out that he did have a hand, he just moved before I got to it.)


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3 thoughts on “Nothing at all…

  1. eleanorpercival says:

    riley eh?
    wow i never knew that was his surname……..

  2. kaichi000 says:

    I am a fan of you. Please keep updated. I am living in Japan.

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