Standing up and… sitting down.

Sorry for the gap between posts (anyone who cares…) I have spent my week: working, panicking, coughing and, of course, traveling for hours and hours a day on the underground. To make up for my the delay I present a bumper(ish) crop of my tube drawings.

The good thing about putting my drawings up on here is that I’m basically getting a giant group tutorial, which holds off those cravings for tutors and classrooms for a while, and sometimes someone may spot things in your work you might not have. For example: I hadn’t drawn anyone standing up.

Well here they are, with some others who aren’t, standing.

It’s a big step for me as I’m sure you’ll agree and the most amazingly tenuous link yet…

This woman must have been in her late twenties/early thirties and, I promise I’m telling the truth and not embellishing at all, was

picking her nose…and eating it…on the tube.

Disgusting yes, but it made me want to draw her so maybe it says more about me.


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One thought on “Standing up and… sitting down.

  1. dee says:

    i am still so amazed at your illustrations! 🙂 thank you for your daily(almost) inspirations!

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