It’s worse on the tube.

I know, because people tell me, that I’m not the most patient person. But no matter how grumpy or irritable I can be normally it’s worse on the tube.

Maybe it’s because I’m normally in a rush when I’m on the tube, or because I’m on my way to work, or have just come from work… or maybe it’s because I’m just grumpier underground, but no matter what people suddenly seem to become incredibly irritating and thoughtless…except you of course. Obviously not you.

So here are some people doing things that irritated me for no reason! I haven’t captioned them all individually so see if you can spot the irritation in each one (bear in mind some are ludicrously petty). Enjoy!

If you figured them all out then congratulations, you’re as bad as I am.


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One thought on “It’s worse on the tube.

  1. rantinnravin says:

    Simon Cowell on the tube. Well I never.

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