Well that was fun…

Yesterday was weird. Good! (thanks everyone involved) but weird.

I didn’t post anything in advance because… well because I didn’t really believe it was going to happen, but the Metro ran a feature on my tube drawings!? It was good stuff, some quality puns (theirs not mine), a little bit about my work and six of my illustrations!

“Well done me!” I thought, “I’m gonna do laps after that.” grab a few copis, go home, check emails…No. Oh no no.

Instead… go home, be invited to be on ITN 6 o’clock, panic, agree, do phone interview with the lovely Mhairi from the Waltham Forest Guardian (see that here), spend a few hours feeling incredibly self conscious with Nick Thatcher and his team, try to draw while having a panic attack on the tube with people staring at me and then off to work to watch it in gut wrenching embarassment! Brilliant.

It looked great in the end and, other than having my face in it, I was very pleased and flattered. I think it’s on the internet somewhere but I hope it goes away soon.

Anyway, I also did some drawing, which is the point of all this in the first place and what you waded through this turgid, self congratulatory ramble for, so here it is:

(Another one. What kind of idiot wears sunglasses on the tube?

Him. That’s who.)

And here, off the telly, is my drawing of Nick Thatcher from ITN. (The most pressure I’ve ever experienced while drawing. )



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3 thoughts on “Well that was fun…

  1. H Craven says:

    Congrats hun x

  2. dee says:

    congrats with your illustrations getting featured on the paper! 🙂 it must’ve been the pressure b/c the illustration of thatcher looks fabulous. keep up the great work!

  3. Derek says:

    Very realistic image of Nick Thatcher. Knowing him very well I am sure he will be pleased with this!

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