I’m not an idiot…

…but I can appear that way to the untrained eye.

A while back while I was drawing on the tube a young woman started talking to me, I think her exact words were: ” You’re quite good…” with the emphasis very much on the word “Quite”. I think it may have been this piece but I could be wrong…not important really.

Unfortunately very soon into the conversation, when she asked where I was going, I realised that I had missed my stop. By quite a few stops actually…

After running off the train at the next station to retrace my steps I almost forgot the encounter until the other day when, who should come over on the central line to say hello, but the same young lady! We had a quick chat, she mocked me for my terrible progress on the crossword and for missing my stop last time etc etc. all very pleasant and I even managed some drawings.

However when I’d said goodbye and left the train (at the right stop!) I soon realised I’d lost my phone…

Thankfully Claire, which is her name it turns out, picked it up for me and phoned my work and my dad to find some way of getting it back to me! I was able to pick it up from bond street soon after and still make it into work on time.

So: Thank you Claire! Despite all evidence to the contrary I’m mostly able to fend for myself… and when I’m not, and my girlfriend isn’t around to stop me eating the red berries (so to speak), it’s nice to know that there are people willing to help out.

thanks, bye.


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