Look! look over there at the shiny thing!

First of all i would like to retract any part yesterdays post that implied, insinuated or downright accused the builders of disrupting my internet connection. It was a technical fault that could not have been anticipated and completely unrelated to their activities.

The plug was turned off.

Now here are some colourful drawings to distract you from how stupid I am!

Surely cuntry gent wanna be who stepped on my foot.

Woman who wouldn’t let me see her face which made me angry especially as I’d lost my bloody Pilot G-tec and had to draw her with a felt pen I knicked from my girlfriend… sorry Nell.

And a man who fell asleep next to me and SNORED.

The last laugh is mine though obviously because I moved across the carridge and drew him with some pens! How do you like THAT sleepy man!

See! I’m great and won a battle I completely imagined and everyones forgotten how stupid I was.


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2 thoughts on “Look! look over there at the shiny thing!

  1. Jane Claire says:

    Great pics. You might just want to check your spelling of the word ‘country’ – which is what I think you meant in your text attached to the first picture.

  2. You know I’m the biggest fan of the Pilot G-Tec 0.4 but I have to say the felt tip sketch is stunning. Good work.

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