…You think you can get away with just drawing people? On the tube!?

Okay first things first,

happy happy, here’s a drawing, this woman had ear muffs on which I’ve never understood the flipping point of. I mean just buy a bigger hat right? two pieces of head wear? not including the glasses? ridiculous.


One day last week ( I don’t remember which, they tend to blur a bit, but it wasn’t Monday and it was before Friday.) I was on my way back from work… on the tube. The train was busy, I glance around for a seat or a weaker looking commuter I can fight for theirs… and some guy… was… drawing me.

I mean what!? doesn’t he know who I am? YOU DON’T DRAW ME! I DRAW YOU!


I know this rage seems misplaced but I was genuinely angry and confused by this for a bit, It felt like something breaking through the forth wall and attacking me.

Don’t worry I’m calm now.

I’ve met my nemesis… And I’ve drawn him.


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3 thoughts on “…You think you can get away with just drawing people? On the tube!?

  1. Donkey says:

    Dude, get a life man. Why the hell should you be able to draw others, make snide remarks and then post that on the internet. That’s a personal invasion. I hope the other guy wrote something equally as scarcastic about you, and posted your face to the world.

    • tombuddle says:

      You’re so right…
      I think I need sensitivity training or anger management maybe? I think they do them at the adult learning center, right next door to “Irony and Sarcasm for beginners”

  2. Cezar says:

    amazing experience.

    keep them coming. btw you write very well too. the fact some miss the sarcasm bone should not deter you.

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