Blah blah blah, sorry, busy, work, exscuses and so on..

Nothing to say about my absence that will make this post any more interesting so here they are, my first in a long while and a fairly good bunch I hope. Hey, anythings better than nothing right?

his nose wasn’t that big, true, but I have a complex about my own and this is sort of like therapy for me so go with it.

His afro really was that big.

His face was very, very pink… and I didn’t like him. So I made it pinker. I think the powers going to my head.

This guy wasn’t very anything really… I think that’s why I liked him.

There you go. lets not wait so long next time eh?


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3 thoughts on “

  1. There all great but my favorite is the second to last one.

  2. John Rowley says:


    I know you from LGC. I won the £50 thing in December. Finally dug your url out of my wallet and came to have a look at your work. Fucking wonderful. Love your drawing style. I just ffffound all the images in this post so you may end up with some more visitors from that. But April 2010? Come on man, I want a fuck ton more tube drawings from you – they are excellent.

  3. love your drawings from the tube.

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