Number One Fan.

So I haven’t put up any tube drawings in a while but I have been busy and after doing this poster I can now officially declare myself the Number One Fan of “Toby” the comedy double act of the very talented Sarah and Lizzy Daykin.

What’s that? You think just going to and booking tickets to their show is enough to take my title? well I guess it’s worth a try…

More tube drawing nonsense later this week.


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Distracted by a Dancing Bear…

Sorry about this, any regularity or reliability this blog had is long gone it seems, (by which I mean me I suppose)

today’s post is a little different, minutely so in fact if you didn’t know any better, but It is….Honest.

Todays drawings are all from one long journey across London on the district and central lines, i think you can actually see me getting marginally less rubbish as it goes on:

My first drawing and a little rough, chose the subject based only on them being asleep.

My second, Drawn to this woman because I liked her head scarf but got a little too distracted by it and so the drawing remains unfinished.

My last drawing. Nothing particular to say about this except I enjoyed it a lot.

Sorry again for my lateness, back with some more next week and until then, here’s what distracted me:

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Hi, sorry I’ve been a bit absent! Monday came and went with no post and even less explanation.

I think I’ve mentioned before now I work in a theater, well the show is in the midst of a cast change which means I have had the great pleasure of working extra shows this week! Who knows i may even break my own record for being dangerously bored.

Anyway, that is why I have bee a bit lax with the posting and indeed the drawing… I’m going to hold onto a few because… well because I think they’re rubbish, but here a couple that are at least mediocre!

And this one is, I think, my first drawing of a couple. They’re outfits matched.

I liked that.

I will be back next week with a spectacular post that will excite and entertain*

Until then,


*I cant promise that.

Une Petite Poste? Le petite poste? Is it even Poste?

So I’m back! Paris was amazing, had a brilliant time and didn’t step in a single dog poo. Unlike Some people…

I could lie to you and say I didn’t get a chance to draw on Metro but honestly I think in total we took 9 separate journeys… However I blame them! their underground is fast and efficient. Their City hasn’t sprawled wildly so everything is close and convenient and I was having a good time and couldn’t be bothered. I’m the victim really.

Here’s what I did manage:

I really did have a great time, I let Nell do all the talking and concentrated of translating Menus so I could get the biggest steak possible! We also took a look of pictures so their may be a few more drawings from Paris popping up soon. Until then:


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Sooner than expected.

I am back, striking down the unwary traveler with mediocre illustration! I’m like a modern dick turpin…only less confrontational and way more cowardly… and of course less stylish.

And I really don’t like horses.

Anyway, the reason I’m posting today is because I will be away on Monday and I didn’t want to leave you all waiting:

I will be back sometime next week with a bumper post of drawings from the Paris Metro! That’s right… Paris.

No-one is safe.

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…You think you can get away with just drawing people? On the tube!?

Okay first things first,

happy happy, here’s a drawing, this woman had ear muffs on which I’ve never understood the flipping point of. I mean just buy a bigger hat right? two pieces of head wear? not including the glasses? ridiculous.


One day last week ( I don’t remember which, they tend to blur a bit, but it wasn’t Monday and it was before Friday.) I was on my way back from work… on the tube. The train was busy, I glance around for a seat or a weaker looking commuter I can fight for theirs… and some guy… was… drawing me.

I mean what!? doesn’t he know who I am? YOU DON’T DRAW ME! I DRAW YOU!


I know this rage seems misplaced but I was genuinely angry and confused by this for a bit, It felt like something breaking through the forth wall and attacking me.

Don’t worry I’m calm now.

I’ve met my nemesis… And I’ve drawn him.


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Small Faces, Furry Woman and….a blue scarf.

Well two out of three of those will make this post pop up in a few google searches.

I guess I should show you the relevant illustration now though? Otherwise this might look like some cheap scrounging for blog hits regardless of any actual interest from the viewers… which it isn’t. Any Glamor Model Wrestling Champion could tell you that.

(small faces: neither would stay still for more than a few seconds then they both left at the next stop… selfish.)

(Furry Woman: who was spectacular and this drawing doesn’t do her justice.)

(a blue scarf: she looked very sad and tired but then I’m sure I did too, it was very early.)

Speaking of Google searches (which I wasn’t really but I am again now so…focus) my girlfriend has been saying for ages that I should make a list of some of the best Search Terms that have lead people to my blog somehow, so here they are!

old man draw

first tube drawing picture

draw picture showing colour

pilot illustration

man drawing on the tube

example of ingratiation

made from “human skin”

I’m honestly a little concerned that the person who did that last search knows I exist.


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Look! look over there at the shiny thing!

First of all i would like to retract any part yesterdays post that implied, insinuated or downright accused the builders of disrupting my internet connection. It was a technical fault that could not have been anticipated and completely unrelated to their activities.

The plug was turned off.

Now here are some colourful drawings to distract you from how stupid I am!

Surely cuntry gent wanna be who stepped on my foot.

Woman who wouldn’t let me see her face which made me angry especially as I’d lost my bloody Pilot G-tec and had to draw her with a felt pen I knicked from my girlfriend… sorry Nell.

And a man who fell asleep next to me and SNORED.

The last laugh is mine though obviously because I moved across the carridge and drew him with some pens! How do you like THAT sleepy man!

See! I’m great and won a battle I completely imagined and everyones forgotten how stupid I was.


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A bit of a problem…


So we’ve got builders in at the moment, doing usefull, practical things that I don’t understand in the slightest, and suddenly… My Internet connections disappeared!

Now I’m not pointing fingers! They’re very nice, very professional and a lot bigger than me so I’m definately not blaming them for anything. This does mean, however, that I’m writing this post on my phone and I’m unable to put up any images!

Now don’t panic! Just explain to your employer or partner what’s happened, and that your going back to bed, not to be disturbed, untill tomorrow…when I can deliver the picture post you so rightly diserve.


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They must get up early.

I was trying to think of some interesting observation or criticism to make on the tube home this morning, staring blankly at some of the drawings I’d already done…

I thought about talking about headphones… but I thought I’d keep that wildly interesting topic in the locker for now, I wouldn’t want to waste it now would I?

I thought about telling you how this man looks a bit like my dad did when he was younger… but you don’t know my dad (probably) so that was out…

Most tempting was to launch into a hate filled, bile spitting rant against this woman. Partly because of her ridiculous hat (when, exactly, did it become acceptable for a woman in her thirties to go out in public wearing what is basically one third of a pathetically bad bear costume without being sectioned for her own good?), but mostly because she sat and sang the 118247 advertising jingle over and over again to her friend, only pausing to say “It’s so catchy, it’s been stuck in my head for aaaaages!” which of course guaranteed that I would spend the next few hours screaming and cursing her every time I hummed it, which was about once every 6 seconds.

But I decided not to.

Then I saw this man.

He was with some friends, they were all very well dressed, too well dressed for 9am in my opinion.. with styled hair and matching socks and all the other signs of someone with too much energy in the morning to be trusted. It takes time to do these things, time I would rather spend in bed mumbling semi-conscious, semi-coherent complaints to my girlfriend about the snooze button or how cold It is.

But I kept looking at him because he has the word “Half” tattooed on the knuckles of his hand, and now I will spend all day thinking:




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