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A sign of things to come…

I havent been slacking all this time.

I’ve just been doing other things.

but there’s more where this came from…. just as soon as I find my scanner.


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I’ve been really busy.

I’ve cleared a lot of the work pile but there are still some very important things left.

Back in a bit…


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Number One Fan.

So I haven’t put up any tube drawings in a while but I have been busy and after doing this poster I can now officially declare myself the Number One Fan of “Toby” the comedy double act of the very talented Sarah and Lizzy Daykin.

What’s that? You think just going to www.thefixonline.com and booking tickets to their show is enough to take my title? well I guess it’s worth a try…

More tube drawing nonsense later this week.


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Distracted by a Dancing Bear…

Sorry about this, any regularity or reliability this blog had is long gone it seems, (by which I mean me I suppose)

today’s post is a little different, minutely so in fact if you didn’t know any better, but It is….Honest.

Todays drawings are all from one long journey across London on the district and central lines, i think you can actually see me getting marginally less rubbish as it goes on:

My first drawing and a little rough, chose the subject based only on them being asleep.

My second, Drawn to this woman because I liked her head scarf but got a little too distracted by it and so the drawing remains unfinished.

My last drawing. Nothing particular to say about this except I enjoyed it a lot.

Sorry again for my lateness, back with some more next week and until then, here’s what distracted me:

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A weak week… (see what I did there?)

So after my last post declared boldly and unashamedly that I was cutting down, limiting the blogging, restraining myself from over frequent posting… (does it sound like I’m being self sacrificing rather than lazy yet?) and because of that bold, brave decision… I have less drawing after a week than I normally would after a day or two!!

Okay so I have had some other work on the go as well but I am sorry to not have a bit more to say for myself after all this time. Got a few pieces coming up that I will also put on here when they’re finished but in the mean time, and until next Monday, here’s some strangers:

This man was talking to his friend and really caught my attention, it took me a while to realise it was because he was one of the only old Americans I had ever seen..?

A slightly odd one, just enjoyed the way the layers of glass gave multiple reflections.

And that’s it for now.

Thanks for coming!


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One long tube journey…

Over a week since the last proper post?

What’s that…Where have I been? You really want to know? Ahh thats sweet, I’m glad you asked. I mean I’m not going to tell you because it’s none of your business but I’m still touched that you care.

You can however have some pictures because, unusually for me, I’ve been on the tube! A lot!

So here are the ones I’ve scanned so far.

Sorry…? Oh! Your very welcome.


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